So-Yeon Lee, Kyung Roul Park, Sung-gyu Kang, Ji-Hoon Lee, Eun-chae Jeon, Cheol-Hwee Shim, Jae Pyong Ahn, Dong-Ik Kim, Heung Nam Han, Young-Chang Joo*, Changsoon Kim*, and In-Suk Choi*

"Selective crack suppression during deformation in metal films on polymer substrates using electron beam irradiation"

Nature Communications (2019), 10, 4454.

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Sijia Ran, Tom. S. Glen, Bei Li, Tianye Zheng, In-Suk Choi, and Steven T. Boles*

"Mechanical Properties and Piezoresistivity of Tellurium Nanowires"

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2019), 123, pp.22578-22585.

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Young-Joo Lee, Seung-Min Lim, Seol-Min Yi, Jeong-Ho Lee, Sung-gyu Kang, Gwang-Mook Choi, Heung Nam Han, Jeong-Yun Seon, In-Suk Choi*, and Young-Chang Joo*

"Auxetic elastomers: Mechanically programmable meta-elastomers with an unusual Poisson’s ratio overcome the gauge limit of a capacitive type strain sensor"

Extreme Mechanics Letters (2019), 100516.

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Kee-Bum Kim, Young-Joo Lee, Avelino Costa, Yu-Ki Lee, Tae-Sik Jang, Myoung-Gyu Lee, Young-Chang Joo, Kyu Hwan Oh, Juha Song*, and In-Suk Choi*

"Extremely Versatile Deformability beyond Materiality: A New Material Platform through Simple Cutting for Rugged Batteries"

Advanced Engineering Materials (2019), 21, 1900206.

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