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<< Link

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arXiv (2020)

<< Link

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bioRxiv (2020)

<< Link

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ACS Applied Energy Materials (2020)

<< Link

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<< Link

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<< Link

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Science Advances (2020), 6(15), eaax6212.

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So-Yeon Lee, Kyung Roul Park, Sung-gyu Kang, Ji-Hoon Lee, Eun-chae Jeon, Cheol-Hwee Shim, Jae Pyong Ahn, Dong-Ik Kim, Heung Nam Han, Young-Chang Joo*, Changsoon Kim*, and In-Suk Choi*

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Nature Communications (2019), 10, 4454.

<< Link

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<< Link

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Extreme Mechanics Letters (2019), 100516.

<< Link

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Advanced Engineering Materials (2019), 21, 1900206.

<< Link

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Surface and Coatings Technology (2019), 362, pp.333-344.

<< Link

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<< Link

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Composites Part B: Engineering (2019), 162(1), pp.580-588.

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ChemElectroChem (2018), 5(16), pp.2199-2207.

<< Link

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Small (2018), 14(43), 1702145.

<< Link

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<< Link

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<< Link

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<< Link

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arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.03302 (2018)

<< Link

Sung-gyu Kang, Daeyoung Moon, Jeonghwan Jang, Ju-Young Kim, Jin-Yoo Suh, Euijoon Yoon, Heung Nam Han*, and In-suk Choi*

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Nano Letters (2018), 18(2), pp.1323–1330.

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So-Yeon Lee, Hwan-Uk Guim, Dong-Ik Kim, Young-Chang Joo, Cheol-Hwee Shim, Jae-Pyoung Ahn, In-Suk Choi*, and Majid Abbasi*

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<< Link

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Nanoscale (2017), 9(35), pp.13272-13280.

<< Link

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<< Link

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International Journal of Plasticity (2017), 94, pp.148-170.

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Kee-Bum Kim, Jae-Hyeok Shim*, In-Suk Choi, Young Whan Cho, and Kyu Hwan Oh

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Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2016), 16(10), pp.10869-10873.

<< Link

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Nano Letters (2016), 16(6), pp.3500-3506.

<< Link

Yoo-Yong Lee, Gwang Mook Choi, Seung-Min Lim, Ju-Young Cho, In-Suk Choi, Ki Tae Nam*, and Young-Chang Joo*
Growth Mechanism of Strain-Dependent Morphological Change in PEDOT:PSS Films"
Scientific Reports (2016), 6, 25332.

<< Link

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<< Link

Sung-Min Hong, Dong-Joon Min, Young-keun Chung, Ju-Heon Kim, Dong-Ik Kim, Jin-Yoo Suh, Jae-Hyeok Shim, Woo-Sang Jung*, and In-Suk Choi*
"Effect of preexisting plastic deformation on the creep behavior
of TP347 austenitic steel"
Materials Science and Engineering: A (2016), 654, pp.390–399

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Byungju Lee, Jinsoo Kim, Gabin Yoon, Hee-Dae Lim, In-Suk Choi, and Kisuk Kang*
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Superoxide Discharge Products in Metal–Oxygen Batteries"
Chemistry of Materials (2015), 27(24), pp.8406–8413.

<< Link

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ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2015), 7(31), pp.16976-16983.

<< Link

Gaoxiang Wu, Yigil Cho, In-Suk Choi, Dengteng Ge, Ju Li, Heung Nam Han, Tom Lubensky, and Shu Yang*

Directing the Deformation Paths of Soft Metamaterials with Prescribed Asymmetric Units"

Advanced Materials (2015), 27(17), pp.2747-2752.

<< Link

M.P. Phaniraj, Young-Min Shin, Joonho Lee, Nam Hoon Goo, Dong-Ik Kim, Jin-Yoo Suh, Woo-Sang Jung,

Jae-Hyeok Shim*, and In-Suk Choi*

Development of high strength hot rolled low carbon copper-bearing steel containing nanometer sized carbides"

Materials Science and Engineering A (2015), 633, pp.1-8.

<< Link

Kee-Bum Kim, Jae-Hyeok Shim*, So-Hyun Park, In-Suk Choi, Kyu Hwan Oh, and Young Whan Cho

Dehydrogenation Reaction Pathway of the LiBH4–MgH2 Composite under Various Pressure Conditions

Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2015), 119(18), pp.9714-9720.

<< Link

Joo-Seong Kim, Dongah Ko, Dong-Joo Yoo, Dae Soo Jung, Cafer T. Yavuz, Nam-In Kim, In-Suk Choi, Jae Yong Song*, and Jang Wook Choi*

A Half Millimeter Thick Coplanar Flexible Battery with Wireless Recharging Capability

Nano Letters (2015), 15(4), pp.2350-2357.

<< Link

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Surface and Coatings Technology (2015), 266, pp.122-133.

<< Link

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Advanced Materials (2015), 27(5), pp.922-928.

<< Link

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Ultrafast chemical lithiation of single crystalline silicon nanowires: in situ characterization and first principles modeling

RSC Advances, 5(23), pp.17438-17443.

<< Link

Min-Suk Jung, Jong-Hyun Seo, Myoung-Woon Moon, Jang Wook Choi, Young-Chang Joo*, and In-Suk Choi*

“A Bendable Li‐Ion Battery with a Nano‐Hairy Electrode: Direct Integration Scheme on the Polymer Substrate”

Advanced Energy Materials (2015), 5(1).

<< Link

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2014), 111(49), pp.17390-17395.

<< Link

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Effect of film thickness on the stretchability and fatigue resistance of Cu films on polymer substrates

Journal of Materials Research (2014), 29(23), pp.2827-2834.

<< Link

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Acta Materialia (2014), 81, pp.358-376.

<< Link

Myung-Yeon Kim, Suk-Chul Kwak, In-Suk Choi, Young-Kook Lee, Jin-Yoo Suh*, Eric Fleury, Woo-Sang Jung, and Tae-Ha Son

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Materials Characterization (2014), 97, pp.161-168.

<< Link

Ji Yeong Lee, Won Kyung Seong, In-Suk Choi, Ranajay Ghosh, Ashkan Vaziri, Cheol-Woong Yang, Kwang-Ryeol Lee, and Myoung-Woon Moon*

“In situ Measurement of the Adhesion Strength and Effective Elastic Stiffness of Single Soft Micropillar”

Journal of Adhesion (2014), 91, pp.369-380.

<< Link

Jie Li, Yigil Cho, In-Suk Choi, and Shu Yang*

“Transforming One‐Dimensional Nanowalls to Long‐Range Ordered Two‐Dimensional Nanowaves: Exploiting Buckling Instability and Nanofibers Effect in Holographic Lithography”

Advanced Functional Materials (2014), 24(16), pp.2361-2366.

<< Link

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Materials Characterization (2014), 94, pp.7-13.

<< Link

Moon-Jo Kim, Keunho Lee, Kyu Hwan Oh, In-Suk Choi, Hyeong-Ho Yu, Sung-Tae Hong, and Heung Nam Han*
"Electric current-induced annealing during uniaxial tension of aluminum alloy"
Scripta Materialia (2014), 75, pp.58-61.

<< Link

Byoung-Joon Kim, Thomas Haas, Andreas Friederich, Ji-Hoon Lee, Dae-Hyun Nam, Joachim R Binder, Werner Bauer, In-Suk Choi, Young-Chang Joo*, Patric A Gruber, and Oliver Kraft*

“Improving mechanical fatigue resistance by optimizing the nanoporous structure of inkjet-printed Ag electrodes for flexible devices”

Nanotechnology (2014), 25(12), 125706.

<< Link

R.V.S. Prasad, Boo Hyun An, Youngmin Shin, In Tak Jeon, Jin-Yoo Suh, Young Keun Kim*, and In-Suk Choi*

“Phase dependent magnetic properties of Ni–Au alloy nanowires”

Materials Letters (2014), 116, pp.86-90.

<< Link

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Jonghak Kim, Heeje Woo, Kisu Joo, Sungwon Tae, Jinsub Park, Daeyoung Moon, Sung Hyun Park, Junghwan Jang, Yigil Cho, Jucheol Park, Hwankuk Yuh, Gun-Do Lee, In-Suk Choi, Yasushi Nanishi, Heung Nam Han, Kookheon Char*, and Euijoon Yoon*

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Scientific Reports (2013), 3, 3201.

<< Link

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Nano Letters (2013), 13(11), pp.5112-5116.

<< Link

Yoo-Yong Lee, Ji-Hoon Lee, Ju-Young Cho, Na-Rae Kim, Dae-Hyun Nam, In-Suk Choi*, Ki Tae Nam*, and Young-Chang Joo*

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Advanced Functional Materials (2013), 23(32), pp.4020-4027.

<< Link

Yigil Cho, Tae-Hong Ahn, Hoon-Hwe Cho, Joong-Ho Shin, Jun Hyuk Moon, Shu Yang, In-Suk Choi, Heung Nam Han*, and Ju Li*

“Study of architectural responses of 3D periodic cellular materials”

Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering (2013), 21(6), 065018.

<< Link

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"High temperature low cycle fatigue properties of 24Cr ferritic stainless steel for SOFC applications”

Materials Science and Engineering: A (2013), 577, pp.81-86.

<< Link

Byoung-Sun Lee, Jong-Hyun Seo, Seoung-Bum Son, Seul Cham Kim, In-Suk Choi, Jae-Pyoung Ahn, Kyu Hwan Oh, Se-Hee Lee, and Woong-Ryeol Yu*

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ACS Nano (2013), 7(7), pp.5801-5807.

<< Link

Byoung-Joon Kim, Have-A-Seul Shin, Sung-Yup Jung, Yigil Cho, Oliver Kraft, In-Suk Choi*, and Young-Chang Joo*
"Crack nucleation during mechanical fatigue in thin metal films on flexible substrates"
Acta Materialia (2013), 61(9), pp.3473-3481.

<< Link

J.-H. Shin, S.-H. Kim, T. K. Ha, K. H. Oh, I.-S. Choi*, and H. N. Han*
"Nanoindentation study for deformation twinning of magnesium single crystal"
Scripta Materialia (2013), 68(7), pp.483-486.

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Byoung-Joon Kim, Yigil Cho, Min-Suk Jung, Hae-A-Seul Shin, Myoung-Woon Moon, Heung Nam Han, Ki Tae Nam, Young-Chang Joo*, and In-Suk Choi*

“Fatigue‐Free, Electrically Reliable Copper Electrode with Nanohole Array"

Small (2012), 8(21), pp.3300-3306.

<< Link

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Journal of Materials Research (2012), 27(21), pp.2752-2759.

<< Link

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Energy & Environmental Science (2012), 5(10), pp.8950-8957.

<< Link

Byoung-Sun Lee, Seoung-Bum Son, Kyu-Min Park, Jong-Hyun Seo, Se-Hee Lee, In-Suk Choi, Kyu-Hwan Oh, and Woong-Ryeol Yu*

“Fabrication of Si core/C shell nanofibers and their electrochemical performances as a lithium-ion battery anode”

Journal of Power Sources (2012), 206, pp.267-273.

<< Link

Yong-Jae Kim, Kwangsoo Son, In-Chul Choi, In-Suk Choi, Won Il Park*, and Jae-il Jang*

“Exploring Nanomechanical Behavior of Silicon Nanowires: AFM Bending Versus Nanoindentation”

Advanced Functional Materials (2011), 21(2), pp.279-286.

<< Link

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“On the effect of Ag content on the deformation behavior of ultrafine-grained Pd–Ag alloys”

Scripta Materialia (2009), 61(1), pp.64-67.

<< Link

In-suk Choi*, Oliver Kraft, and Ruth Schwaiger

“Validity of the reduced modulus concept to describe indentation loading response for elastoplastic materials with sharp indenters”

Journal of Materials Research (2009), 24(3), pp.998-1006.

<< Link

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Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids (2008), 56(1), pp.172-183.

<< Link

I. S. Choi, M. Dao, S. and Suresh*

“Mechanics of indentation of plastically graded materials—I: Analysis”

Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids (2008), 56(1), pp.157-171.

<< Link

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